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Edgard Jean Louise



A sweet heartfelt change of pace, this art piece is of Edgard Jean Louis- my spiritual Papa and renowned sequin master.

This is done on a 12x12 clothe then mounted on a 12x12 frame for hanging.


It is the first in my new series "Everyday Saints".


I first met Papa Edgard in 2001 when traveling to New Orleans to visit Sallie Ann Glassman and through that experience my life and self were forever changed. His impact is never ceasing, from learning attention to detail through knowing it's best to do things 'right' the first time, he is ever present in all I do. I always feel him looking at me from the spiritual realm and making the little noise he made when he was pleased with the results of his efforts.


Sky is a non-traditional sequin flag (drapo) artist who blends styles, techniques, and her unique interpretations to create one of a kind spiritual art pieces. Each flag depicts the symbol or image of the spirit to which it is devoted and can take anywhere for a few months to years to complete. The flags are sewn into a brilliant mosaic of sequins and beads that create the story of the spirit which they depict. Containing tens of thousands of hand stitched sequins infused with prayer and energy they are beautiful collectables. 

I would be happy to discuss creating a custom ancestor tribute piece for you.

Please, EMAIL ME here for specific details.

sequin textile art by SeQueenArt Sky Bradshaw - Edgard Jean Louise Haitian vodou flag master
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