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Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs. (which can be pricey for large pieces)

Full payment must be made before items ship.


For 'donation' purchases:

Proof of donation must be validated with an official receipt.

Donation organization must be approved by Sky and donation purchase agreement must be made prior to donation.

For commission pieces:

There will be a 50% deposit required on all commissions upon ordering that becomes 'non-refundable' once the first stitch of the piece has begun.

Completion time ESTIMATES on all commissions vary depending on backorder and size of your project.

Completion time ESTIMATES may change as work begins due to the complexity of artistic expression that comes forward.

Completion time ESTIMATES will be given upon ordering, when stitching begins, and if there are any foreseen delays/expedites that change the time frame.

Purchaser has no artistic input on the custom piece details. (Ex: color, medium, style is the artist choice)

Important purchase information:
Return Policy

Any order that ships is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you find yourself in the space that you no longer can hold the energy for the piece in your world you may return it to me (at your expense) and I will continue to hold the energetic vibration of that piece or find it a new home. If this becomes the case PAYMENT WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

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