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Chakra series

This series is done on 20x20 cloth and then mounted on a 20x20 frame for hanging. Various sequining techniques as well as paint, embroidery, and beading will be incorporated.

My new "Chakra" series depicts the energy of the chakra in portrait representation as well as through color, style, and words. For most of these pieces they are not any human who has lived on this planet- with the exception of the root chakra/strength who is depicted as my spiritual papa Edgard Jean Louis.


Click on the drop down menu above under 'Chakra Series' to take you to each individual piece and soon the link for their creation videos on youtube will be available.


(Their youtube creation videos are coming soon.)

Purchasing available pieces is possible on the individual pages.

I also would be happy to discuss creating a custom energy piece for anyone interested.

Please, EMAIL ME to discuss. (serious inquiries only)

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