Purchasing a SeQueen Art piece

Sky is a non-traditional sequin flag (drapo) artist who blends styles, techniques, and her unique interpretations to create one of a kind spiritual art pieces. Each flag depicts the symbol or image of the spirit to which it is devoted and can take anywhere from a few months to years to complete. The flags are sewn into a brilliant mosaic of sequins and beads that create the story of the spirit which they depict. Containing tens of thousands of hand stitched sequins infused with prayer, song, and energy they are beautiful collectables.

She is open to commissioned work and helping you choose the best energetic spiritual fit for your needs and energy. Please note, the time it takes to create one unique and energetically empowered flag is a minimum of two months, and flags are done in the spiritual order they are received. (not human order) Plainly stated- Sky will not stop one piece to start another until the initial piece being worked on is complete.


Drapo/larger pieces

Some Larger flags/pieces are available right now for purchase. Use the drop down under 'Lwa Series' to check availability.

Please know for larger flags to be created it may be up to a year to receive your flag. There will be a 50% deposit required on all commissions that becomes 'non-refundable' once the first stitch of the flag has started.

Most flags in the Lwa Series have a sequin surface of approximately 21x27 inches and are approximately 25x32 inches with backing.

Flags can be left out of the cloth mounting for free form framing upon request. (Purchaser responsible for framing costs.)

12x12 pieces

'Purchasing' available 12x12 "Everyday Saints" art piece is also possible by making a $333 donation to a non-profit organization approved by me.
This is for available/completed pieces only.

See each individual page by clicking the drop down menu under "Everyday Saints" above for more details on each individual piece or EMAIL ME here for specific details.

I also would be happy to discuss creating a custom ancestor tribute piece of a loved one or icon that made a difference in your life.

Please, EMAIL ME to discuss. (serious inquires only)

Sky's the limit!

 Sky has done large sequin murals as large as 4.25 x 6 foot big and is always ready to create magic!

Shipping large sequin flags can also be expensive. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Interested in purchasing a flag?